The Curriculum

Student Senate is an interactive study experience for high school students that simulates a state legislature. Students practice policymaking, debate, critical thinking, public speaking, teamwork, and more.


Choosing Topics

Students negotiate with each other to choose four topics that determine the direction of study and ultimately the bills each student writes.

Student Senate Committees

Each student serves on two committees where all research is organized, witnesses called, presentations made, and from which they write their bills.



Committees call knowledgeable witnesses, experts in their field, to testify to the Student Senate on their topic. Students respectfully question the witness to go deeper in understanding their topic.

Writing Bills

Students learn to write bills on their topic, exploring the importance of precise policymaking, the amendment process, persuading others, and passing their bill.


Student Leadership

The Senate is student-led. A Senator might be a Committee Chair, and could rise over time to become the President, Majority Leader, Assistant Majority Leader, Secretary, or Communications Officer – where Senators learn and practice advanced leadership skills.


Join Beta Program

Are you an adult who can lead Student Senate in your Community? We are searching for 5 individuals to lead the first Student Senate Programs in their local communities. Talk to our program director to learn more about the Beta Program and see if it would be a good fit for your community.