Testimonials from Former Student Senators


Student senate was a transformational experience. As someone who started homeschooling her freshman year of high school, I was concerned there would be limited opportunities for leadership and social involvement. I was wrong. Student senate was not the only social opportunity, but it was the most impactful leadership opportunity. We were able to look at relevant cultural and political topics with critical and empathic eyes. We were introduced to people called “witnesses,” experts on our topics, doctors, senators, representatives, community leaders, people most highschoolers would not have had an opportunity to meet on their own. As president, I learned to delegate responsibilities and build a strong leadership team that would best serve the senate. Being a part of a student body such as this one prepared me for leadership roles and team positions attained and yet to be attained in college and the workforce.

Iseli Served as a Student Senator and President 19', 20', 21', and 22'. 
She is studying to become a Dentist.

Student Senate provided an opportunity to make our government system personal. Prior to the class, I was largely uninterested in the U.S. government, but participating allowed me to better understand how the Senate structure works, along with providing a forum to learn debate and leadership. It was a class that required involvement and critical thinking and offered high amounts of student interaction and direction.

Teagan Served as Student Senator and Assistant Majority Leader 06', 07', 08'

Currently a Highschool English Teaher

I found it seriously fun to engage with other students and community leaders in discussions about current issues. It revealed the importance of being educated and engaged with the world around us.

Aaron Served as Student Senator, Chair of multiple committees  06', 07' and as an expert witness in adulthood at Summer Sessions 20', 21'

Currently a Flight Instructor

Student Senate has impacted my life and made a lasting impression on me. Student Senate gave me opportunities to learn about important issues in a fun and inspiring way. It helped me better understand the process that senates go through, and practice the same protocols they use. It gave me experience in researching important topics, calling on and hearing from witnesses, and creating bills based upon my Christian values and findings. I believe Student Senate with "Gov." Racer helped me see qualities I didn't see in myself and gave me the heart to be a servant to others.

Ethan Served as a Student Senator and Assistant Majority Leader 10', 11', 12'

Currently a Mental Health Practitioner and pursing his M.A. Clinical Counseling

As a freshman in high school walking into Student Senate, I was very unsure of myself in academic settings. I stayed quiet for the first few weeks, feeling like I wasn't smart enough to participate. That changed dramatically. It didn't take long before I was engaging in discussion, getting excited about research, and joining the leadership team the following year. Student Senate made me the confident public speaker and writer I am today.

Krista Served as a Student Senator, Chair, Majority Leader, President, and Chief of Staff 11', 12', 13', 14,  Summer Session 15' 

Currently a Small Business Owner and Author