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Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Student Senates Across America

A Unique Student-Led Legislative Experience

Student Senates Across America is a high school civics course that guides students through a unique hands-on legislative experience that teaches not only the process of policy-making, but also develops student’s capacity in leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills. This program can be used in a private school or charter school setting, or as part of homeschool programming.


Each Student Senate session is led by the students and can be facilitated by parents in a community setting, or educators in a school setting. Course options include a 15-session semester experience or a condensed

2-week “summer session”.

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The Student Senate “session” gives students the opportunity to learn and experience:

  • Identifying and researching the issues and topics of the day

  • Serving in senate leadership positions

  • Researching, writing, and defending a bill

  • Working within committees to research and develop a committee bill

  • Presenting findings to the senate

  • Selecting and interviewing expert witnesses in the field of their topics

  • Writing and defending their own individual bill

  • Holding bill hearings

  • Discussing, amending, and voting on their committee and individual bills


Throughout their senate “session” students grow in:

  • Formulating opinions based on facts

  • Participating in respectful political discourse

  • Developing confidence

  • Respect for the political position and process

  • Using critical thinking skills

  • Working in a team

  • Using facts to persuade others

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

Here’s what students have to say about their Student Senate experience.


“Student Senate made me the confident public speaker and writer I am today.”


“Student Senate provided an opportunity to make our government system personal.”


“I found it seriously fun to engage with other students and community leaders in discussions about current issues. It revealed the importance of being educated and engaged with the world around us.”


“Student Senate has impacted my life and made a lasting impression on me. Student Senate gave me opportunities to learn about important issues in a fun and inspiring way."

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