Student Senates Across America

Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders Today.


Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Student Senate is a high school civics course that simulates the state legislature and guides students to learn policy-making, leadership, and communication skills. This program has been taught for over 20 years in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, changing students' lives one semester at a time.
Now, we are making it available nationally with Student Senates Across America. We provide a robust curriculum and access to advisors with extensive experience in education and public policy to help others bring Student Senate into their communities.
Book a call with our Program Director today to learn more about Student Senate and see if your community would be a good fit for our Beta Program.


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“Students think it’s about the issues, but it's really about leadership, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and gaining self-confidence.”

Dave Racer - Creator of Student Senate


Start Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders

Are you an adult who can lead Student Senate in your Community? We are searching for 5 individuals to lead the first Student Senate Programs in their local communities. Talk to our program director to learn more about the Beta Program and see if it would be a good fit for your community.

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