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The Curriculum

Student Senate Across America

Our curriculum has been used for over 20 years as part of homeschool programming in academies in St. Paul, Minnesota. We provide education for students on each aspect of the legislative process prior to them participating in the live sessions. We also provide training for facilitators or teachers so they can run a successful Student Senate Experience. 


The curriculum is delivered via an interactive learning management system (LMS). A combination of on-demand and in-community learning provides greater engagement and knowledge retention for students. 


The following chart shows the on-demand curriculum topics and the correlating in-person student-led sessions where the knowledge is applied. Keep scrolling to view our curriculum samples.

SSAA ADD ME Website Template.png

Curriculum Samples

Take a look and how we've assembled our LMS and curriculum to ensure you and your student senators have the best civics experience possible.

Facilitator Training

Every teacher and facilitator will have access to the SSAA Facilitator Training Program within the Learning Management System. By the end, the facilitator will be knowledgeable and equipped to launch and run a Student Senate. 

Facilitator training.png


All courses are readily available on the 'courses' dashboard. Here you can see how many lessons are in each course, the progress being made, and use the 'Explore' button to pick up where you left off.



Each course has lessons within them that utilize different learning mediums such as videos, links, slide decks, and helpful handouts to teach the curriculum. Certain lessons have an area to upload assignments, take a quiz, and engage in other lesson content.


Teacher Dashboard

Teachers will be able to see all of their students on the Team Lead Dashboard. There, you can see what courses your students are taking, view their dashboard and transcripts, and even send them a message.

teacher dashboard.png

In-Platform Communication

Teachers and students in the same class will be able to message each other through our LMS. This is a great tool to help teachers connect with their students over the content and make group projects easy with student-to-student communication.

in-platform communication.png

Student Leader Training

Student Senates Across America utilizes student leadership as a big part of the curriculum. Each of your student leaders will have a special course on their dashboard to help prepare them for leading a session, providing support to their fellow student senators, and direction on how to work with the teacher to facilitate the best experience. 

Student leader training.png

Full Tech Support Provided

Here you can reach out to our support team. Use the form to send a message with any technical issues you are experiencing and our team will help resolve it for you.

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