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Bring your Civics Education to Life

Student Senates Across America is a great addition to any high school civics curriculum. Our robust curriculum, hands-on legislative experience brings the bill process to life for students and our “plug and play” format, and ease of classroom is ideal for use in homeschool academies, and charter and private schools. The curriculum is a combination of on-demand and in-classroom learning for students that is easy for teachers to implement. Our convenient licensing model provides a budget friendly option for schools of any size.


Easy to Use Curriculum

The entire curriculum, resources, and lesson plans are housed within an easy to use learning management system that can be easily integrated into any classroom. This system allows educators to track student progress at a glance, view quiz and interactive content results, download resources and lesson plans, and communicate with students all in one place. The platform is ADA-compliant and SCORM-compatible. Additional teacher training and full tech support are included in the platform and licensing.  We also have options for you to have one of our Student Senate guides walk through the program with you and be a resource for you along the way.

Student Senate Curriculum Learning Objectives

At the end of a Student Senate “session”, students in grades 9-12 will:

  • Develop and demonstrate knowledge on the bill process and the legislative operations within that process.

  • Formulate fact-based opinions on current issues through the use of research and critical thinking. 

  • Gain skills in collaborating within teams, creating informative presentations, and public speaking.

  • Master decorum within a weekly simulated “state” legislative experience.

  • Research and write a bill solving a current issue within a committee and individually.

  • Present, defend and vote on bills within student-led bill hearings.

  • Show mastery of the aspects of the bill process through interactive content questions, quizzes, assignments, and a final exam.

Two Options for Educators

Contact us to learn more about bringing Student Senates Across America to your School.

Full Semester:


 Semester program with lesson plans, teacher training, on-demand student learning modules, assignments, and legislative simulation sessions.

Summer School:


Summer school program with a condensed timeline, session plans, and resources.

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