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Bring the Student Senate Experience to Your Community or Homeschool Cooperative

This is a best-in-class civic engagement program that meets the requirements for government classes in homeschool curriculums.

Our unique model of on-demand and in-person learning allows anyone to facilitate a Student Senate session. In addition to the student curriculum, our program gives you, as the facilitator, all of the training and resources you need to hold a Student Senate session.


Our Program Includes

  • Full on-demand learning for students

  • On-demand facilitator training and resources

  • Weekly “Session Plans” to facilitate each session successfully

  • Online e-learning portal access with team dashboard access to your students

  • Payment processing for the student fees

  • Facilitator support from our program team

  • Tech support

You can choose from two programs to bring to your community or homeschool cooperative:

The Semester Senate Session:


A comprehensive 15-session “semester” program with session plans and resources. This program can be shortened to fit your homeschool programming.


Facilitator Lifetime Access: $149

Student One School Year Access: $199

The Summer School Student Senate:


The same comprehensive program with a condensed timeline, session plans, and resources.


Facilitator Lifetime Access: $149

Student One School Year Access: $199

The Student Senate Difference

     The Student Senate curriculum has been used with homeschool students for over 20 years and is ideal for students in 9th-12th grade. Our students have come back to take the class time and again because of the fun, engaging, and challenging curriculum. Parents have enjoyed watching their kids grow in confidence and knowledge about current political issues. 


     Unlike the senate “camps” and workshops, our program is a comprehensive civics education and legislative experience that develops both educational requirements and soft skills that students can use for the rest of their lives. 

Here’s what some parents of our former students have to say about their Student Senate experience:

“If every student in America took this class, our world and political climate would change.”


“The hands-on, student-led approach is incredibly effective at getting them engaged in their own learning.”


“Student Senate gave us the opportunity for family conversations about the issues of the day.”


“Student Senate took the intimidation out of politics and made them an independent thinker who can respect others' opinions.”


Learning Objectives

  • Develop and demonstrate knowledge on the bill process and the legislative operations within that process.

  • Formulate fact-based opinions on current issues through the use of research and critical thinking. 

  • Gain skills in collaborating within teams, creating informative presentations, and public speaking.

  • Master decorum within a weekly simulated “state” legislative experience.

  • Research and write a bill solving a current issue within a committee and individually.

  • Present, defend and vote on bills within student-led bill hearings.

  • Show mastery of the aspects of the bill process through interactive content questions, quizzes, assignments, and a final exam.

We make it easy!

We make it easy for parents to run a Student Senate in their community, church or homeschool cooperative* by providing training for the parent(s) who want to facilitate a Student Senate session. Our facilitator training covers everything you’ll need to market, recruit students, and run a Student Senate. And it’s an easy 3-step process to get started.

Purchase a facilitator training license.


Complete a form to schedule Student Senate Session with us.


Recruit your students to sign up with the link we provide.


You don’t need to be an expert in civics or the legislative process. In addition to the facilitator training, you’ll have access to the student’s curriculum so you’ll know what they are learning and be able to learn alongside them and/or answer any questions they might have.
We provide full technical support of the platform and give you training in how to use it to view your student’s progress and communicate with them, view reports and quiz results. Additionally, we have options for you to have one of our Student Senate guides walk through the program with you and be a resource for you along the way.

*see your state’s requirements for homeschooling as some states restrict the teaching of homeschooled kids to only their parents.

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